I would like to share the patterns that I have drafted, using Electric Quilt.  They are free to you to use.  I just ask, please, if someone else wants to use them, give them the website and let them download them.  Please don't make multiple copies to pass around.  I would love to hear from you, and see pictures of your finished blocks.  Send me an email.  webmistress@susangatewood.net  (I don't believe there is a copyright issue, as the author of the book supplies templates, and I am not charging anything for my patterns.)   Please make sure your printer is printing a true copy, by printing the 1" test block.  You may need to set your printer properties to "print as image".
Printer Test 1" x 1" Block 025-Cups & Saucers 061-Northern Lights-Rotary Inst. 92) Streak of Lightning
001 - Attic Windows 026-Cut Glass Dish 062-Old Windmill 93) Swallow
002-Autumn Tints 027-Darting Birds 062-Old Windmill-Rotary Instr. 94) Tall Pine Tree
003-Basket 028-Duck and Ducklings 063-Ozark Maple Leaf 95) Temperance Tree
003-Basket Templates 029-Economy 064-Peace & Plenty 96) Tulip
004-Basket Weave   065-Peaceful Hours 97) Waste Not
005-Bat Wing 030-End of Day 066-Periwinkle 98) Waterwheel
006-Big Dipper 031-Evening Star 067-Pine Tree 99) W.C.T.U.
006-Big Dipper2 032-Farmers Daughter 068-Postage Stamp 100) Weathervane
007-Birds in the Air 033-Farmers Puzzle 068-Postage Stamp-Rotary Instr. 101) Wedding Ring
008-Bouquet 034-Flock 069-Practical Orchard 102) Whirlpool
009-Box 035-Flower Basket 069-Practical Orchard-Rotary Instr. 103) Whirlwind
010-Bowtie 036-Flower Garden 070-Prairie Queen 104) Wild Geese
011-Broken Dishes 037-Flower Pot 070-Prairie Queen-Rotary Instr. 105) Wild Goose Chase
012-BrokenSugar Bowl 038-Four Winds 71) Puss in the Corner 106) Wild Rose & Square
012-BrokenSugar Bowl-Rotary Instr. 039-Friendship 71) Puss in the Corner-rotary cutting instructions 107) Windblown Square
013-Buckwheat 040-Friendship Block 72) Railroad 108) Windmill
013-Buckwheat-Rotary Instr. 041-Friendship Star 72) Railroad-rotary cutting instructions 109) Windows
014-Butterfly at the Crossroads 042-Fruit Basket 73) Rainbow Flowers 110) Wood Lily
014-Butterfly at the Crossroads-Rorary Instr. 043-GardenPath 74) Ribbons 111) Wrench
015-Buzzards Roost 044-Gentleman's Fancy 75) Rosebud  
016-Calico Puzzle 045-Grape Basket 76) Sawtooth  
016-Calico Puzzle-Rotary Instr. 046-Hill and Valley 77) Seasons  
017-Cats & Mice 047-Homemaker 78) Shooting Star  
017-Cats & Mice-Rotary Instr. 048-Homeward 79) Silver Lane  
018-Century of Progress 048-Homeward-Rotary Inst. 80) Single Wedding Star  
019-Checkerboard 049-Honeycomb 81) Snowball - rotary cutting instructions  
019-Checkerboar-Rotary Instr, 050-Honey's Choice 81) Snowball  
020-Churn Dash 051-Hovering Birds 82) Spider Legs  
020-Churn Dash-Rotary Instr. 052-Hovering Hawks 83) Spider Web  
021-Contrary Wife 053-Jackknife 84) Spool - rotary cutting instructions  
021-Contrary Wife-Rotary Instr. 054-Kitchen Woodbox 84) Spool  
022-Corn & Beans 055-Linoleum 85) Square Dance  
022-Corn & Beans-Rotaru Instr. 056-Maple Leaf 86) Squash Blossom  
022-Corn & Beans.var 057-Morning 87) Star Gardener  
022-Corn & Beans.var-Rotary Instr. 058-Mothers Dream 88) Star of Hope  
023-Country Farm 059-Night and Day 89) Steps to the Altar  
023-Country Farm-Rotary Inst. 060-Noon & Night 90) Storm Signal  
024-Country Path 061-Northern Lights 91) Strawberry Basket  
The Farmer's Wife Patterns
Paper Foundation and/or Rotary Cutting Instructions