The Patterns on this page, have been drafted by me,
Susan R. Gatewood,
Electric Quilt.
Click on the thumbnail to open the .pdf file for paper foundation,
I wanted so badly to publish a book with my patterns and directions, so everyone would be able to make this unbelievable quilt.  But it was not to be.  Every publisher I contacted, rejected my book.  So, I have decided to give my patterns and directions away, for free.

I only ask that you consider making a donation to the Bennington Museum, in Bennington, Vermont.  And if you do, it would make me tremendously happy if you would tell them that you have received help from me. 

Please share my website with anyone who needs help with their blocks.  I have made every effort to correct any mistake, but if you do find one, please let me know so it can be corrected. 

My Paper Foundation method is different from anyone I know, so I am including my instructions for Paper Foundation here as well.  I hope you will try my method, to see if it would work for you.

Sewing, quilting, creating something with your hands is meant to be enjoyable, I hope you find that my patterns and instructions make creating this beautiful quilt an enjoyable experience.

**IMPORTANT**  Make sure your printer is printing the correct size.
You may need to "Print As Image".